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The 10 Most Popular American Breakfast Foods

Vegetarians, we’re sorry. But, like peanut butter and jelly or burgers and fries, bacon and eggs are a match made in culinary heaven. Probably the most popular breakfast item in the U.S., you’ll find bacon on just about every breakfast menu. The smoky and salty meat is a classic case of the Japanese concept of umami — a fifth taste akin to fat or savory. Now, let’s order a few sides of that!

Make them thick and stack them high! Fresh pancakes with maple syrup are one of life’s guilty pleasures. But remember, maple syrup is loaded with antioxidants, so one might argue that it does make a healthy and balanced breakfast every now and then.

The voters over at Ranker ranked waffles third, but we believe that chicken and waffles are a staple in American soul food and Southern cuisine. And it’s unarguably become a widely loved dish from coast to coast as well. The flavorful breakfast item places fried chicken atop a regular breakfast waffle (with butter and maple syrup) for a mouthwatering, protein-heavy breakfast that your grandmother would be happy is making a comeback.

Whether it’s a New York bagel and a schmear, a Montreal bagel with lox and capers or a frozen fresh bagel at Starbucks, very few breakfast items come near to the bagel’s taste-meets-convenience ratio. While New Yorkers believe they’re the only ones that know how to make this breakfast staple, other states have done their part to bring quality bagels to the rest of America (and thank goodness for that).

These fried up potatoes complete the perfect breakfast plate. There’s something about them that just can’t be replicated with any other breakfast item. Whether they’re served at a Michelin-worthy brunch spot or at the continental buffet at an airport hotel, hash browns are always a crowd-pleaser — just add a little ketchup and a pinch of salt, and you’re set.

Scrambled eggs are fast, easy and extremely commonplace — in fact, they’re probably the first breakfast food most kids learn to make on their own. The fun part about scrambling eggs at home is how easy it is to experiment with textures and flavors. Add a little cheese for a more flavorful plate or some ham for an extra burst of morning protein.

The breakfast burrito ranks highest on the list compared to other Mexican breakfast dishes because of the amount of ingredients you can pack into this rolled-up meal. Most frequently, a breakfast burrito consists of scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, bell peppers, onions and a breakfast meat all wrapped into a flour tortilla and served with salsa or sour cream. It’s delicious and full of protein and healthy fats.

Ah, the breakfast sandwich. Whether you prefer the greasy wonders of a fast-food sandwich — thank you, McDonald’s — or you’d rather make a more gourmet option at home, there’s something inherently satisfying about breakfast meat, eggs and cheese on a biscuit, English muffin or just some sliced bread. Eat restaurant in downtown Las Vegas has one of the best. Its truffled egg breakfast sandwich combines eggs, wild mushrooms, green onions, feta and bacon, which is then served up on a fresh ciabatta.

French toast combines two popular breakfast items: eggs and toast. The delightfully sweet and savory dish is made of sliced bread soaked in eggs and milk, then fried and seasoned with cinnamon or powdered sugar. We also like it with a handful of seasonal fruit like blueberries or sliced grapes.

Cinnamon rolls are a near-perfect breakfast pastry. They’re sweet, filling and pair just as well with a cup of coffee as they do a glass of fresh-pressed juice. And while cinnamon rolls may have originated in Northern Europe, they’re just as well-loved across the U.S. The swirled, yeast-leavened pastry is often drenched in a thick frosting, but we happen to like them with raisins and a light dusting of coarse white sugar.

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