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Cat Ba National Park, Vietnam

२०७९ फाल्गुन ४, बिहीबार

Southeast Asia is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful areas of the world and the region’s many national parks are certainly no exception.

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful of the national parklands in Southeast Asia is the incredible Cat Ba National Park. Located near the northeastern shore of Vietnam on Cat Ba Island, this stunning park covers most of the island and showcases over 35-square miles of inshore water. The park is renowned for its amazing limestone-based hills and beautiful forest-covered valleys. One of the most incredible landmarks in the park is the renowned Ha Long Bay, which covers over 600-square miles and has as many as 2,000 incredible islets. These beautiful limestone islets are what make the bay one of the top tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

While the coastline is famous for its incredible sea stack islets, the island itself is famous for its incredible diversity of wildlife. Visitors who explore Cat Ba Island will be thrilled to see over 32 species of mammals, including Deer, squirrels, macaque monkeys, and civets. Many species of reptiles and birds can be spotted on the island as well. However, the prize wildlife spotting on Cat Ba Island is undoubtedly the white-headed langur, which happens to be the rarest primate in the entire world. If you have always wanted to visit Southeast Asia, I can think of few places better to start your exploration than the amazing Cat Ba National Park in Vietnam.


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