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Phoksundo Lake Trek

Trekking in Dolpa is a unique experience. The trails pass through beautiful landscapes, thick pine forests and along wild rivers all the while with spectacular views of beautiful snow-capped mountains. The highlight of the trek is the mesmerizing deep-blue and emerald hues of the deepest lake in Nepal, Phoksundo Lake. This is truly one of the most beautiful natural tourist destinations in Nepal. If time allows it’s worth spending a day or two admiring the views and exploring the lake and surrounding areas. Don’t miss Tshowa monastery on the east bank of Phoksundo Lake where worship still takes place. On the southern bank lies the village of Ringmo where you can get a rare close look into traditional Bonpo culture. The ideal trekking season is spring and autumn. It’s recommended to check in with a local travel agency to see if lodges are open before setting off in the winter months.

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