Gorkha: A place to visit

From various local levels if we see, Nepal has various beautiful destinations which can attract a large number of tourists. There are some places which have got the exposure like Pokhara,Kathmandu and others. We can also find many places which have the potentiality but have not got the exposure they deserve. Approximately 30 km from Aabukhaireni lays one of such destinations, Gorkha.

When talking about Gorkha, there are various places which can actually be good tourist destinations like Manakamana temple, Gorkha durbar, Gorakhnath temple, Marsyangdi, Manaslu, Budhi Gandaki and so on.

Out of these places, Manakamana is mostly renowned among religious tourists. It is considered as sacred place of the Hindu Godess Bhagwati. It was venerated since 17th century. About Manakamana, there is a belief that Godess Manakamana grants the wishes of all those who make pilgrimage to her shrine to worship her. Manakamana is also famous among Nepalese for cable car which covers 2.8 km in approximately 10 minutes which starts from Kurintar.

Gorkha Durbar is another major tourist attraction place which is the main attraction of Gorkha district. The Durbar is humble, impressive, composites of a temple, fort and palace. It is built in the Newar style of Kathmandu. It is also famous for breathtaking scenes of Himalayan range and deep valleys which can be seen from there. 10 m below this palace lies another sacred place of Hindus, the Gorakhnath. This is a sacred cave temple of Gorakhnath and it is believed that the cave is carved out of solid rock.

Barpark, known as the origin place of the massive earthquake 2015 has now been developing into a tourist center. It is a village with unique historic significance which is one of stopover village routes of trekking around Manaslu Circuit. It is most renowned for rich culture, warm and friendly people, breathtaking of Himalayas, overlooking valleys of Darauti river and treks to Dharkey Danda and Narad Pokhari.

Laprak is another village of Gorkha which lies in the way while going for Manaslu treks. We can see many tourists here who have come to visit, explore and research the lifestyle, culture, tradition and rituals. It also lies on the way to view point Ghupshi dada, Dharchey dada and Rukhang. It is also famous because of the sunrise and Himalayan ranges like Manaslu, Boudhha Himal which can be seen from here.

Manaslu, the 8th highest peak of the world(8156 m) also lies in Gorkha. It is located in the Mansiri Himalays. It is one of the best trekking destinations of the world and is also known as ‘Killer Mountain’. Liglig kot, which lies 4000 m above the sea level, is another place which is famous for choosing the king in a different way. A race is held during Dashain and the winner is elected the king. There are rivers like Marsyangdi and Daraudi which are good destinations for rafting in Nepal.

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